Southeast Woodland Services | Right-of-Way
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Right-of-Way Application

The Truth About Right-of-Ways

Southeast Woodland Services right of way program is based on ground applications with backpacks, which is a true “low volume” application. This low volume approach allows for only the targeted species, i.e. hardwoods and pines, to be treated. This type of application method has numerous advantages:

  • With low volume foliar, only targeted species are treated. This results in the power line retaining it’s desired green look.
  • Low volume foliar application is also extremely low profile. No large trucks, no noisy spray devices, only professional employees with backpacks.
  • Low volume foliar also allows for a lower application cost due to the lower volume of mix being applied and is extremely effective due to the higher concentration of herbicide being applied to each individual plant.


Verified Partners

Southeast Woodland Services guarantees our work. We always strive for 100% treatment, but due to changing conditions, our standard guarantee is 95% on the first application.