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Top quality, at a Reasonable Price

Southeast Woodland Services has been in the business of herbicide application for over two decades. Michael McCourry started Southeast Woodland Services in 1985 after being employed as a professional forester for 6 years with Boise Cascade. Michael saw the need for an applicator that would provide quality herbicide application at a reasonable price.


Since 1985, the company has grown from three or four employees to upwards of 200 during the spray season. The company started out primarily as a ground applicator for the forest industry but has grown into an industry leader in the low volume application of herbicides for the utility right-of-way market.


Southeast Woodland Services right-of-way program started out as limited application for a few electric cooperatives and has grown to include customers such as Duke Energy, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and Georgia Power.


Our roots are in the reforestation industry, and we still provide tree-planting, herbicide application, and pre-commercial thinning to companies and landowners seeking quality work, at a reasonable price.

We Have Boots on the Ground In

  • North Carolina

  • South Carolina

  • Tennessee

  • Georgia

  • Alabama

  • Mississippi

  • Kentucky

  • Florida

Our growth can be attributed to quality herbicide application for a reasonable price; after three decades this is still our mission”