Southeast Woodland Services | Forestry and Right-of-Way Services
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Safety, as A Way of Life

At Southeast Woodland Services we recognize that it is our people who have made us great. Safety is a way of life for us, and through our culture, we instill safety into everything we do.

We believe that every accident is preventable, and by training each man to look out for one another we can create an environment where safety allows us to all go home injury free.

To support our beliefs, safety meetings are conducted daily, weekly, and periodically throughout the season.

  • No job is worth and injury.
  • You are responsible for your team.
  • All injuries are preventable.
  • Off the job safety is just as important as on the job safety.
  • Safety is a top down initiative.

TrainingĀ Is Part of the Job

Our employees undergo rigorous training annually to ensure that we exceed all requirements. Training is conducted and reinforced on the following subjects.

  • Defensive driving
  • PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Labeling and Herbicide use Policies
  • Handling of Herbicides
  • Equipment use & misuse
  • Traversing Terrain
  • Dangers in the ROW and other environments


No Job Comes Before Safety

Our products are safe.

  • None of the products applied by Southeast Woodland Services are harmful on wildlife or humans.

Our people are safe.

  • Each employee, from management to applicator goes through training and mentoring until safety becomes a way of life.

Our practices are safe.

  • Our primary mode of application is recognized as an industry best practice. And since 1985 we have been at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

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